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Polygamy makes more stable relationships and stronger families.

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How is polygamous dating different from modern relationships?

The most remarkable thing about polygamy dating is that everyone has long term intentions from the beginning.

Consider the things that you have always wanted most. A home and family to call your own, friendship (companionship) that is more than just skin deep, knowing your contribution to the world, unconditional love, and a path for your life that is of your own choosing. These are at the core of polygyny.

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How is polygamy practiced?

Most people are drawn to plural relationships because of a desire to have a bigger and stronger family. They see everyone as having an important and irreplaceable role in the family. They want to live in one house, sleep in one bed with their partners, and build one family together.

Some polygamists were called to it for religious reasons alone. In these cases, many people choose to live in separate houses and have separate lives with individual relationships. Although not as common, this is usually what is shown on TV as it is viewed as more acceptable.

There is no "right" way to be poly, only the right way for your relationship.

Who works, who stays home, who sleeps where, and in how many beds is up to you.