Terms of Service

Anyone may browse or access the public areas of ModernPolygamy.com. Access to the members-only areas is provided at the discretion of the administrators.

ModernPolygamy.com is very aggressive in combating anything that could harm the experience, safety, or privacy of our users. This includes, but is not limited to, scammers, people trying to steal profile information, and fake profiles.

If an account creation request is granted, you recognize that your access may be suspended or revoked at any time and for any reason or no reason at all. Administrators are not required to provide reasons for their actions.

If there is reason for an administrator to believe that you have provided false information on your profile, your account may be suspended or terminated without notice.

Examples of incorrect information that will result in account termination are:

In this day and age, it is worth clarifying the example of "Erroneous sex or gender". When becoming a member and creating an account, you will be asked what your sex was at birth (according to your original birth certificate). If you think that you are something else now then that is fine, but to have an account you must answer the membership questions honestly. You are then welcome to specify how you feel now in your profile description.

Marital status must also be answered truthfully. This question is in regard to legal status. If you are married but separated, then you must select that you are married.

Honesty is very important here. By creating an account on this site, you swear and affirm that your profile information is true and correct. Say how you feel in your profile, but stay with legally correct information when answering questions.

If you are unwilling to truthfully answer all of the questions asked during the account creation process, you are explicitly prohibited from creating an account or becoming a member of ModernPolygamy.com.

Creating an account with incorrect or untruthful information is fraud and will not be tolerated. Any information associated with fraudulent accounts may be posted publicly or otherwise distributed as we see fit.

Limitation of Liability

All references to ModernPolygamy.com refer to any owners or parent corporations.

You recognize that posting any personal information on the Internet carries inherent risks. You agree that ModernPolygamy.com will not be held liable for any damages resulting from your use of the website, mobile apps, or other services.

We take your safety very seriously. However, accidents may happen. Scammers, stalkers, or worse, may try to do you serious harm (bodily, financial, social, or other). You recognize that ModernPolygamy.com can not possibly remove the risks associated with online dating.

You assume all responsibility for your actions in connection with your ModernPolygamy.com membership. You also agree to hold the owners of ModernPolygamy.com harmless for damages incurred as a result of your use of your account or our services.

You agree that any claim of damages will be limited to what your account has been billed in the 6 months prior to your complaint.

Available Features, Information, and Functionality

The computer servers used for ModernPolygamy.com's services are privately owned. Access to those servers is at the discretion of the ModernPolygamy.com administrators. Any information, features, or services may be changed at any time and without prior notice.

If we believe that your account is being used to harvest or distribute information about our users, your account will be:

You are specifically forbidden from disclosing any information about other members without their explicit consent to do so. You are also forbidden from using your account in an automated way or with automated software to collect information, save pictures, or contact other members.

Please note that doing any of the above will constitute unauthorized access to a computer network, which is a federal crime under the United States Computer Crimes Act of 1997.

We may or may not sue you. We will pursue criminal charges.

Refund Policy

Any account will be refunded upon request if the request is received within 5 days of the last charge and no messages have been sent since the last billing.

Consent to Contact

By creating a profile, registering for an account, or submitting your e-mail address, you consent to being contacted by ModernPolygamy.com. Your e-mail address will be used to send you automated notifications (such as when you receive a new message on the site), updates, information about changes to the site, and messages from moderators or administrators.

Your e-mail address will not be shared with any 3rd parties, ever.

We will delete your e-mail address from our records upon request. If you no longer wish to be contacted, simply reply to the last e-mail you received and request to not be contacted in the future. Alternatively, you can contact support directly. When your information has been deleted, you will receive a final confirmation by e-mail.

Account Approval & Access

The approval of new accounts is at the sole discretion of the site's moderators. A moderator may approve or reject your application or access for any reason, or none at all. The most common reasons for rejection are:

This is not a swinger's or hookup site. You will be banned for treating it as such.

Authorized Use of Content

By uploading any media or content to the site or your account on the site, you claim that you have full distribution rights to license the content and grant ModernPolygamy.com perpetual and unlimited license to use the content until you have contacted support and received human confirmation of its deletion.

With the exclusion of fraudulent accounts, we will delete any content you have uploaded upon request, so if you do not receive confirmation that your request has been acted on please message a moderator directly in addition to contacting support again.