Polygamy In America

Polygamy In America

The popularity of polygamy has grown tremendously in America over the last decade. With the introduction of TV shows like TLC's Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife, as well as the HBO series Big Love, people began viewing polygamy in a different way.

In 2010 there were an estimated 75,000 polygamists in the United States. By 2021 this number had grown to more than 620,000. Nearly all of this growth is due to the fact that plural marriage is no longer viewed as something done for religious reasons, primarily by Mormons, but is viewed as an individual life choice and something that people choose for a variety of reasons.

Why do people choose polygamy?

Most people choose polygamy because they want a relationship with love, companionship, acceptance, and the hope of making a home and life together as a plural family.

It may seem that monogamy would offer that as well, and in many cases it does, but as relationships, marriage, family, and having children has been discouraged in American TV, movies, and media people that want more serious and committed relationships can have a very difficult time dating.

With the growing popularity of polyamory, which is relationships with no commitment, polygamy dating offers the depth and foundation that many people desire.

Polygamy Builds Stronger Relationships

Because plural relationships require honesty, trust, and a great deal of communication they are often stronger than monogamous marriages. These strong relationships can provide a solid foundation for families which can lead to happier and healthier children.

In a polygamous relationship, each spouse needs to communicate their needs and wants to the other spouses. At the same time, everyone is more focused on the good of the family, and each other. This communication and different perspective often leads to a greater understanding of each other's needs which can make it easier to compromise and work together as a team.

Raising Children

Polygamy allows for children to be raised in a loving and moral environment. In a plural family, the husband and sister wives work together to instill moral values in their children while letting them feel the love a family can provide.

This type of family structure is appealing to many Americans who want their children to be raised in a wholesome environment and particularly with a lot of brothers and sisters.

Monogamy Is No Longer Seen As Stable

An important reason why plural marriage is becoming more popular in America is that monogamy is no longer seen as stable. With a high divorce rate and rampant infidelity, many people are beginning to question whether monogamy is really the best option for them.

Polygamy offers a unique alternative that can provide stability and security in a relationship because it focuses on truly traditional marriage. In a polygamous relationship, there is no fear of divorce or betrayal. Each spouse knows that they will always have a partner who loves them and is devoted to them.

Spiritual Fulfillment

A significant number of people who practice plural marriage believe that it is spiritually fulfilling. They believe that having multiple spouses is a way to show their love and commitment to God.

There are a number of different sects of Mormonism that allow plural marriage and they all have slightly different beliefs about it. But overall, plural marriage is seen by some as a way to show dedication to God and to strengthen families.


In a polygamous relationship, everyone is expected to put the needs of the family above their own. This can be a difficult adjustment for some people, but it can also be very rewarding.

This expectation of selflessness often leads to co-wives developing strong character traits such as patience, kindness, and unselfishness. These qualities are not only beneficial to the family unit, but they can also spill over into other areas of life, usually resulting in greater contentment.

The advantages for women

Part of the appeal of polygamy is the very deep bond between the sister wives. Many women desire to feel that they have someone to depend on who will always be by their side as they build a life together with their husband. The bond between sisterwives, and with their husband, can be quite empowering.

Polygamy encourages building more stable relationships and stronger families. So in a world where strong and supportive female relationships can be difficult to find and family life is no longer glorified, it's refreshing to find a lifestyle that is about both of those things.

It is usually only after becoming involved in a polygamous relationship that someone realizes the functional advantages of polygamy, like life being easier with more people working toward the same goals.

It is also appealing that polygamous relationships lack the shallow nonsense that can so easily ruin traditional dating. Many women have tried contemporary relationships and are tired of being disappointed.

Polygamy Can Be Empowering For Women

In a society that often objectifies and devalues women with traditional views, polygamy offers an alternative model where women are respected and valued for who they are. In a polygamous relationship, each sister wife is seen as an equal partner and valued for her critical role in the family.

Opportunity For Traditional Marriage

Another reason why polygamy is popular in America is that it offers the opportunity for traditional marriage. In a polygamous relationship, the husband is the head of the household and the sister wives run that household.

This type of relationship is appealing to many Americans who long for the days when marriages were based on traditional gender roles.

Deeper Emotional Relationships

For many women who desire deeper emotional relationships, the normal dating world can be a lonely and disappointing place.

One of the main reasons why polygamy is becoming more popular in America is because it offers emotional security.

Polygamy dating provides certain assurances. For example, a woman already knows that a man desires commitment and is likely more family-oriented. He is also not likely to play games with her heart and is very unlikely to ever cheat on her.

He obviously embraces married life, and family, or he would not be pursuing a plural marriage.

These are valuable things to know about a potential partner before putting yourself in a position to be emotionally vulnerable.


In a polygamous relationship, each sisterwife brings her own unique personality and perspective to the relationship. This can create a rich and fulfilling environment for all involved. Additionally, plural marriage offers the opportunity for sister wives to form close bonds with each other which can provide support and friendship. When this tight bond is extended to their husband and children, it fosters a strong and cohesive family environment.

The Issue of Jealousy

For a woman that has always had monogamous relationships, jealousy is the major hurdle to overcome with polygamy. Society has taught women to think of each other as threats to what is theirs rather than possible partners.

It takes being more open and even being vulnerable to being hurt by the other woman before you can truly feel comfortable that she would never hurt you on purpose and just wants the same things you want.

Many women think "I don't share!", but it's not sharing. It's building a life and creating a home together.

Working as a team, there is little reason to feel jealous of each other.

Once a woman can overcome those initial feelings, she can begin to feel the benefits and joy that a polygamous life can offer.


Polygamy can be a controversial topic, but it's become more popular in recent years thanks to TV shows, the internet, and more people becoming aware of the benefits of polygamy.

Polygamy offers emotional security, the opportunity for traditional marriage, and the chance to raise children in a moral environment.

While it might not be for everyone, it's certainly appealing to many Americans.

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