Why Do Men Want Polygamy?

Polygamy has been practiced for centuries, and it transcends multiple cultures, religions, and societies. Despite its prevalence throughout history and in contemporary society, there are still those who struggle to understand why men may be interested in having more than one wife or partner.

Human Nature

Why Do Men Want Polygamy?

The desire to engage in polygamy may come down to basic human biology and evolution. It has been argued that men are wired for promiscuity, or at least with the potential for it. From an evolutionary standpoint, having multiple partners significantly increases the chances of a man passing on his genes. In addition to this biological drive, it is also possible that polygamy serves as an adaptive mechanism allowing men to increase their social status by establishing relationships with multiple women.

In modern times, polygamy is a good choice for men that desire more than one mate but have no desire to be promiscuous.


Having multiple partners may simply be an expression of the need for companionship and emotional connection. Men are just as capable as women of experiencing feelings of loneliness, love, and attachment, and many find comfort in establishing deep relationships with more than one woman.

Furthermore, polygamy offers a unique form of companionship whereby men can share intimacy with more than one partner while still fostering meaningful relationships with each. This type of relationship structure allows many men to feel accepted and valued despite having different needs that they cannot fulfill in a monogamous relationship.

Having A Larger Family

In addition to companionship, men may also be interested in polygamy as a way of creating a larger family. For some men who do not come from very large families themselves, or even have close ties with what family they do have, polygamy provides an opportunity to create and nurture a more extended family unit for himself but also for his wives and children. This can provide a sense of belonging, stability, and support that is not always available within traditional monogamous relationships.

Religious & Cultural Norms

In some religions or cultures, polygamy is seen as an accepted practice by both men and women. It can be argued that those who practice it do so out of religious or cultural necessity rather than personal preference. For example, in some Islamic cultures, men are expected to marry multiple wives if they can afford to do so and if there is an available woman who is willing to enter into a polygamous marriage.

For those that follow their religion or culture’s norms, polygamy may not necessarily be desired but can be seen as necessary for leading a righteous life according to their beliefs.

Financial Stability

While this is not the appeal for most men, there is certainly a segment of polygamous men that desire it for "nation building" or greater combined financial stability. Having multiple wives can improve one’s financial standing by providing additional sources of support and income.

However, it should be noted that this motivation runs completely counter to most polygamous relationships, where the man is the single source of income and the relationship dynamic is much more traditional.

The Challenges Of Polygamy And How To Overcome Them

Polygamy is not without its challenges, both for men and women. Men may find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibility of managing multiple relationships while also providing financially for their family. Additionally, jealousy and resentment can become an issue if the man fails to give each partner adequate attention, affection, or resources.

To ensure that all involved remain satisfied, there must be clear communication and understanding between all parties so that everyone feels safe and respected. Furthermore, it is important to create a culture of trust in order to manage expectations and provide emotional support when needed. Finally, men should remember that polygamy requires a great deal of work and dedication; by entering into such a relationship structure they are making a commitment to provide love, stability, and security for every member of the family. By doing so, men can ensure that all involved are able to enjoy the benefits of polygamy without sacrificing their own emotional well-being.

The Morality Of Polygamy And Why People Are Divided On The Issue

The morality of polygamy is a hotly debated issue, with people on both sides of the debate standing firm in their beliefs. Those who believe that with polygamy comes a potential for exploitation and abuse because, until recently, it was primarily publicized as being associated with fringe religious groups. On the other hand, those who are in favor of polygamy argue that it can be beneficial to all involved if practiced responsibly.

At the end of the day, the decision whether or not to practice polygamy ultimately rests solely with those involved. While there may be societal pressures at play due to religious or cultural beliefs, each individual must decide for themselves what is right or wrong for them. Ultimately, this decision should never be taken lightly and should be made only when the participants are well-informed and comfortable with their choice.


While polygamy may not be ideal for every woman, there are certainly a number of benefits to being involved in such a relationship.

Women in polygamous relationships typically enjoy closer female bonds than women in monogamous relationships. This is because of the bond formed with her sister wife and the relationship they develop together as well as their experience as a throuple.

Additionally, polygamous relationships can lead to a feeling of greater security, stability, and that they are making a contribution to something larger than themselves. In a day and age where traditional femininity is devalued and denigrated, plural marriage reveres the woman's role in the family and recognizes her importance to it.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual woman to decide whether or not polygamy is right for her. However, by considering the pros and cons of such a relationship structure, she can make an informed decision that is best suited to her own unique needs and desires.

While there may be many reasons why men might want to practice polygamy, it is important to remember that such a decision should not be taken lightly. If done properly and with consideration for all involved, polygamy can provide many benefits

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