Polygamy Statistics

Alternative relationships and lifestyles are becoming increasingly accepted and recognized in today's society. One relationship style that is increasingly prominent is polygamy, which is the practice of having long-term, committed relationships involving more than two partners.

To gain a better understanding of this lifestyle and those who choose to participate in it, we will delve into polygamy statistics collected from the members of the polygamy dating site ModernPolygamy.com.

a polygamous couple

This article strives to shine a light on the diverse world of polygamous relationships by examining various factors such as age demographics, gender distribution, and the prevalence of kids across different member groups.

The following statistics were gathered from ModernPolygamy.com, a specialized dating site dedicated to those interested in exploring or engaging in polygamous relationships. As of July 25, 2023, this platform has 16,893 members within the United States. Combining these statistics with our insights, we hope to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of polygamy and its prevalence in society.

Top 10 U.S. States For Polygamy

Statistics for polygamy in the United States are fairly hard to come by. This is partially because those in polygamous marriages generally choose to not announce to the world they are polygamous and partially because nobody asked them.

Fortunately, membership numbers on polygamy dating sites can give insight into the popularity of polygamous marriage across the USA and show us in what states it is the most common. Or, perhaps, what states are the most popular with polygamists.

Polygamy Statistics

Profile of Members

ModernPolygamy.com hosts a diverse community with a wide range of backgrounds and preferences. It should be noted that while statistics can only give a broad overview of the subject, we can learn some things and draw certain conclusions from this large data set.

Gender Distribution

The gender distribution among active members on the site consists of couples (35.5%), women (26.6%), and men (37.9%). This diversity not only highlights how all-encompassing polygamist relationships can be but also gives an idea about potentially compatible matches when pursuing this lifestyle.

graph of gender distribution of polygamists

To put these ratios into perspective, 44% of users across all dating sites are women, according to Statista (https://www.statista.com/statistics/309454/us-adults-online-dating-site-usage-gender/), so maintaining a 26.6% female userbase in a subject that is widely considered to be male-centered should be an indication that most discussion around polygamy fails to understand the perspective of the average polygamist woman.

If you exclude single men from the statistics, which is fair to do as most women on a polygamy dating site are seeking couples, the percentage of single women jumps to 42.8%, which is in-line with gender ratios found on more mainstream dating sites.


Age Distribution of Polygamists

Of couples, the average age of the husband is 38 years old, while the average age for the first wife is 35 years old. This suggests that many couples explore plural marriage later in life or after establishing traditional relationships for some time.

However, breaking this down by age range is more interesting and shows that a vast majority of polygamous couples are over 30 years old, with less than 18% being below this age. On the other hand, wives tend to be markedly younger than their husband, though this is probably not outside of what would be found in statistics of monogamous marriages. chart of age distribution of polygamist couples

Taking a look at the detailed statistics, we can see polygamy appeals most to women in their 30's. While one can theorize about the reasons, the peak on the chart is well defined.

a bar chart showing the age distribution of women that want polygamy

The peak age for couples is in a very similar age range, but much more focused.

a bar chart showing the age distribution of polygamous couples seeking polygamy dating

The age distribution for single men seeking multiple wives is a bit more spread out and scattered, but still peaks at a similar age range.

a bar chart showing the age distribution of men wanting a polygamous relationship

It's only when looking at all the charts together that more interesting details become apparent. Couples tend to not realize they want to have a polygamous relationship until mid-life, while women are more likely to desire polygamy from a much younger age.

Couples Within Polygamy

Out of the total registered users on ModernPolygamy.com, there are 5997 member couples. This category represents a large portion (35.5%) of the site's membership and offers insight into the demographic makeup of those exploring polygamous relationships.

Children Among Couples

Among all couples within the dataset, 24.5% have no kids while an overwhelming majority (75.5%) have at least one child. This suggests that a significant portion of couples with children consider expanding their families through polygyny.

  chart showing how many polygamist couples have children

Desired Age Range for Potential Partners

When looking to expand their relationships, married couples generally prefer to meet women between the ages of 25 and 42 years old. However, it is worth noting that each couple's preferences are unique and can differ based on individual factors such as experience and personal desires.

Single Women Within Polygamy

A total of 4,493 single women are registered members on ModernPolygamy.com, making up 26.6% of all members on the polygamy site. This figure emphasizes there is considerable interest in alternative relationships among single women as well as established couples.

Children Among Single Women

Of all single women, 44.5% are childless, and 55.5% have at least one child. These numbers are consistent with the figure for married couples indicating those pursuing a polygamous relationship are more family oriented.

chart showing percentage of polygamist women with kids

Desired Age Range for Potential Partners

The female members' age preferences for potential partners range between 32 and 53 years old. While individuals have their own motivations, this generally indicates a desire for mature connections that can lead to more emotionally stable and committed relationships.

Single Men Within Polygamy

The number of single men registered on ModernPolygamy.com is 6,402, accounting for 37.9% of all members on the site. This high percentage of men interested in having more than one wife may highlight an interest in pursuing alternative relationship dynamics, but it may also indicate a rather high number that like the idea of plural marriage without having the focus on family so many women desire.

Average Age of Single Men

Similar to other demographic groups within this community, the average age of single men on the site is 37 years old. As mentioned previously for couples and female members, middle-aged individuals seem to make up a significant portion of those interested in polygyny.

Children Among Single Men

Concerning child-rearing within this demographic group: 47.1% do not have children, while 52.9% have at least one child. These numbers demonstrate that many single men are searching for a marriage that includes children as part of the family dynamic.

Desired Age Range of Matches

The preferred age range among single men lies between 23 and 44 years old. Although preferences can vary greatly from one individual to another, this general age bracket indicates a preference toward meeting someone younger than themselves.


These polygamy statistics shed light on a vibrant and diverse community of people exploring alternative relationships through polygamy dating and matchmaking platforms like ModernPolygamy.com. The data illustrates a mix of ages, genders, and family dynamics present within the polygamous community that can provide insight into how people form these bonds throughout different stages in life.

For those venturing into the world of polygamous dating, it is crucial to approach potential relationships with openness and understanding. Each individual's preferences can vary significantly, so communication and respect are key in determining compatibility within this non-traditional relationship style. By exploring polygamy matchmaking sites like ModernPolygamy.com, individuals and couples alike can learn more about themselves and their desires while discovering the vast array of possibilities in alternative relationship dynamics.

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Additional Charts And Statistics

Bar chart showing average age of each polygamist cohort Chart showing the most desireable age range for men, women, and couples interested in polygamy dating Bar chart comparing the percentage of polygamist couples, men, and women who have kids