Privacy Policy

127001100 has a large base of users from diverse cultures, religions, and lifestyles. You are trusting us with an important and delicate part of your life, finding your life partners. As such, our member's privacy and safety is of the utmost importance to us.

We will not sell or share your profile information, or any information about you, to outside companies or individuals.

We take measures to ensure that your profile information and pictures do not get stolen and used elsewhere. These measures are not impossible to beat, but they make harvesting our users' data more trouble than it should be worth to the thief. It also means that there are much easier targets for someone looking to steal profile information.

The anti-theft measures that we employ also mean that simply saving a profile picture is quite difficult, though taking a screenshot is always still possible, of course.

Aside from analytics tracking (like Google Analytics), no information about members will be shared with 3rd parties. Ever. The only exception is if we receive a valid court order.

However, you must recognize that any information that you enter while you are logged in to 127001100 may be seen by other members.

All information you share, all account information, all access records, and all activities performed while logged in to your account are visible to administrators. Administrators may access, change, or delete anything about your account at any time, without prior warning, without notice after, and with or without reason. This is for your protection and so that we can ensure that our members are authentic and not con artists.

We are very open about our policies. If you have any questions or concerns, please do ask us!

As administrators, our profiles are here too. Our wives are on here. We have a vested interest in providing an authentic, safe, and fruitful environment for the polygamous community.